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Amigo and Friends is an animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera, as an English dub of the Mexican cartoon series The Cantinflas Show.


The show, which concentrates on a wide range of subjects intended to educate children, follows Amigo, a little Mexican character, who goes on educational adventures through time and space and gets to visit Shakespeare, see the ancient pyramids, and even travel to other planets. The animated Amigo is based on the comic character Cantinflas, played by the Mexican actor and comedian Mario Moreno Reyes. The show was created and produced by Televisa, then known as Telesistema Mexicano. The company was also responsible for the distribution of the show in Mexico.

In 1982, Hanna-Barbera Productions dubbed the series into English and retitled it Amigo and Friends. The show aired in syndication across the United States through Viacom. The two primary voice actors were John Stephenson, who narrated each episode, and Don Messick, who voiced Amigo. It was one of several Hanna-Barbera TV shows that featured famous Hollywood stars in cartoons, but in the case of Amigo, the project originated in Mexico.



  1. Meets Alexander Graham Bell
  2. Visits the Amazon
  3. Meets Amerigo Vespucci
  4. Learns Atomic Energy
  5. Meets Baseball
  6. Visits the Canals of Venice
  7. Meets Captain Cook
  8. Visits the Colosseum
  9. Meets the Constellations
  10. Meets Daniel Boone
  11. Meets Don Quixote
  12. Visits the Eiffel Tower
  13. Meets Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin'
  14. Visits the Estate of Vatican City
  15. Meets Father Junipero Serra
  16. Learns the Game of Rugby
  17. Meets Genghis Khan
  18. Meets George Washington Carver
  19. Visits the Grand Canyon
  20. Visits the Great Wall of Chine
  21. Meets the Golf Story
  22. Meets Henry Ford
  23. In the International Date Line
  24. Meets James Watt
  25. Meets Julius Caesar
  26. Meets King Tut
  27. Meets Lewis and Clark
  28. Meets the Lost City of Atlantis
  29. Meets Madame Curie
  30. Meets Michelangelo
  31. Meets the Milky Way
  32. Visits Mont Saint Michel
  33. Climbs Mount Everest
  34. On the Nile
  35. Visits Notre Dame
  36. Visits the Parthenon
  37. Meets Picasso
  38. Visits the Planets
  39. Visits the Pyramids
  40. Meets Rembrandt
  41. Learns Safety Tips
  42. Meets Simón Bolívar
  43. Meets the Statue of Liberty
  44. Meets Soccer
  45. Visits the Sun
  46. Meets Tennis
  47. Visits the Tower of London
  48. Visits the Universe
  49. Visits the Wailing Wall
  50. Visits Yellowstone park
  51. Visits Yosemite

VHS and DVD Release

In the 1980s, a number of episodes were released on home video by Family Home Entertainment.

In 2004, BCI released the shorts as part of the Cantinflas Show collection, which included shorts from that series.

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