Aquaman is a superhero in DC Comics, and one of the main heroes on Superfriends. Because he operated primarily underwater, many fans believe that Aquaman had more limited story potential than the other heroes. On Challenge of the Superfriends, Black Manta was cast as Aquaman's arch enemy.

About Aquaman

Aquaman is the telepathic ruler of Atlantis and the Earth's oceans, an Atlantean with incredible strength and speed as well as the ability to command all sea-life. His unique physiology allows him to survive on land and at the ocean's greatest depths of pressure and temperature. Given the names Orin through his royal heritage and Arthur Curry by his human upbringing, he fights to protect both worlds using his mighty abilities and political influence. He is a founding member of the Justice League of America.

Besides being a master swimmer and having the ability to communicate with marine creatures, Aquaman has demonstrated superhuman strength, durability, senses and equilibrium. He is also a master of weaponry, an expert tactician and an accomplished diplomat. His major weakness is that he must return to water after a brief period of time on land or his powers will be reduced.

In the comics, Wonder Woman is an unrequited love interest. Aquaman has demonstrated feelings for her, and once accidentally confessed them while gripping her magic lasso during a team-up. In a fight against the Queen of Fables, she was put under a spell and Aquaman had to be the prince that kissed her awake.

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