Arabian Knights is one of the animated segments on The Banana Splits Adventure Hour. It follows the exploits of five heroes and their donkey as they battle evil in pre-Islamic Arabia.

After Bakaar usurps the throne, Prince Turhan, the rightful heir, who is also a skilled acrobat, assembles a band of heroes to overthrow Bakaar. Joining the prince are:

  • Princess Naida, a master of disguise;
  • Fariq, a powerful mage;
  • Raseem, a giant of great physical strength;
  • Bez, a man who can assume the form of any animal, and
  • Zazoom, the princess' pet donkey, who becomes very destructive when his tail is pulled.

Voice cast


  1. The Joining of the Knights
  2. The Ransom
  3. A Trap for Turhan
  4. The Great Gold Robbery
  5. The Wizard Ramnizar
  6. Sky Raiders of the Desert
  7. The Challenge
  8. Isle of Treachery
  9. The Sultan's Plot
  10. The Reluctant Empress
  11. The Coronation of Bakaar
  12. The Great Brass Beast
  13. The Fabulous Fair
  14. The Desert Pirates
  15. The Royal Visitor
  16. The Spy
  17. The Jewels of Joowar
  18. The Prisoner
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