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Arabian Knights is one of the animated segments of The Banana Splits Adventure Hour. It is based on the classic book Arabian Nights or One Thousand and One Nights. It follows the exploits of five heroes and their donkey as they battle evil in pre-Islamic Arabia.

After Bakaar usurps the throne, Prince Turhan, the rightful heir, who is also a skilled acrobat, assembles a band of heroes to overthrow Bakaar. Joining the prince are:

  • Princess Nida, a master of disguise, voice mimicry and martial arts
  • Fariik, a powerful mage
  • Raseem, a giant of great physical strength
  • Bez, a man who can assume the form of any animal
  • Zazuum, Raseem's pet donkey, who becomes very destructive when his tail is pulled


Once a peaceful country, Persia was overrun by the powerful forces of the evil conqueror Bakaar the Black Sultan. When all the states of Persia were overthrown, Bakaar and his forces invaded the capital city of Baghdad. Bakaar and his men breached the royal palace and forcibly claimed the throne from Prince Turhan and ordered the prince to be killed. Prince Turhan fled the palace, pursued by the guards of Bakaar. In his escape, the fugitive prince was helped by a magician named Fariik who, with his magic, slipped away from the guards. On their way to the state of El-Rabaal to seek aid from his uncle the caliph, Turhan and Fariik meet Raseem while being chased by the guards in the Caves of Doom. Raseem tells them that Bakaar's forces have already usurped the throne of El-Rabaal and imprisoned the caliph and his daughter, Princess Nida, who is also Turhan's cousin. The trio then heads to El-Rabaal on Raseem's donkey, Zazuum.

In El-Rabaal, they rescue Princess Nida, who is about to be sold into slavery. Princess Nida demonstrates her mastery of disguise and voice mimicry by tricking the guards, but the trio soon find themselves cornered by Bakaar's forces. Bez shape-shifts into an elephant, charges through the guards, and carries everyone to safety. In the Caves of Doom, they decided to form a heroic band and swear to protect their land from the tyranny of Bakaar, thus forming in alliance called the Arabian Knights.

Voice Cast


  1. Joining of the Knights
  2. The Ransom
  3. A Trap for Turhan
  4. The Great Gold Robbery
  5. The Wizard Ramnizar
  6. Sky Raiders of the Desert
  7. The Challenge
  8. Isle of Treachery
  9. The Sultan's Plot
  10. The Reluctant Empress
  11. The Coronation of Bakaar
  12. The Great Brass Beast
  13. The Fabulous Fair
  14. The Desert Pirates
  15. The Jewels of Joowar
  16. The Spy
  17. The Prisoner
  18. The Royal Visitor
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