B. J. Ward (born Betty Jean Ward, September 16, 1944, in Wilmington, Delaware) is a voice actress and singer who worked extensively for Hanna-Barbera, beginning in the 1970s. Her first assignment was the title role on Jana of the Jungle, followed by Wonder Woman in the later incarnations of Superfriends. Ward later took over as the voices of Betty Rubble (first as a child character on The Flintstone Kids and then in several later specials and projects) and Velma Dinkley.

Ward was married to Gordon Hunt, a longtime Hanna-Barbera recording director, until his death in December 2016. Her occasional on-camera credits include guest appearances or bit parts on St. Elsewhere, Frasier, ER and Gilmore Girls, plus the 2005 film Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World. More active on stage, she has performed in classical opera and musical theater, and launched her own one-woman show, Stand-Up Opera.

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