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Birdman and the Galaxy Trio is one of the superhero shows created by Alex Toth for Hanna Barbera.


Birdman is really Ray Randall who, through unknown means, was given powers derived from the sun. As Birdman, he posses super strength, the power to fly via giant bird wings on his back, solar energy blasts, enhanced hearing, and the ability to create a shield out of solar energy. The only catch is that his powers dwindle when he is out of the sun for too long. Using his powers, Birdman and his purple eagle Avenger, along with later addition Birdboy, battle the forces of evil, including the criminal sydicate FEAR, led by the mysterious Number One.

The Galaxy Trio

The Galaxy Trio is a group of interplanetary law enforcers who battles criminals throughout the cosmos. The group consists of Vapor Man, who can change into any type of vapor; Gravity Girl, who can control gravitational forces; and Meteor Man, who can increase all or part of his body to impossible heights, gaining super strength in the process.



1. The Menace of Dr. Millenium

2. X the Eliminator

3. The Ruthless Ringmaster

4. Morto the Marauder

5. Birdman Versus Cumulus, the Storm King

6. Nitron the Human Bomb

7. Birdman Versus The Mummer

8. The Quake Threat

9. The Brain Thief

10. Avenger for Ransom

11. Birdman Meets Birdgirl

12. Birdman Versus The Constrictor

13. Birdman Meets Reducto

14. Serpents of the Deep

15. Hannibal the Hunter

16. The Purple Moss

17. The Incredible Magnatroid

18. Vulturo, Prince of Darkness

19. Birdman Versus Dr. Freezoids

20. The Wings of Fear

21. Number One

22. Train Trek

23. The Deadly Duplicator

24. The Deadly Trio

25. Professor Nightshade

26. The Chameleon

27. Birdman Meets Birdboy

28. The Empress of Evil

29. Birdman Meets Moray of the Deep

30. Birdman and the Monster of the Mountains

31. The Revenge of Dr. Millenium

32. The Return of Vulturo

33. The Ant Ape

34. The Wild Weird West

35. Morto Rides Again

36. Skon of Space

37. Mentor, the Mind Taker

38. The Pirate Plot

39. Murro the Marauder

40. Birdman Versus the Speed Demon

The Galaxy Trio

1. Revolt of the Robots

2. The Battle of the Aquatrons

3. Galaxy Trio Versus the Moltens of Meteorus

4. Galaxy Trio Versus Growliath

5. Galaxy Trio and the Sleeping Planet

6. Galaxy Trio and the Cave Men of Primevia

7. Titan, the Titanium Man

8. Computron Lives

9. Space Fugitives

10. The Eye of Time

11. The Duplitrons

12. The Demon Raiders

13. The Rock Men

14. Return to Aqueous

15. Space Slaves

16. Invasion of the Sporoids

17. Gralik of Gravitas

18. Plastus the Pirate Planet

19. Drackmore, the Despot

20. Galaxy Trio and the Peril of the Prison Planet