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Breezly and Sneezly are a polar bear and seal, respectively, featured in a supporting segment of The Peter Potamus Show and later The Magilla Gorilla Show.

Breezly is continually trying to raid the Arctic military base for food. He never listens to Sneezly's warnings about what Colonel Fusby will do if Breezly gets caught.

Voice Cast


  1. No Place Like Home
  2. All Riot on the Northern Front
  3. Missile Fizzle
  4. Mass Masquerade
  5. Furry Furlough
  6. Bruin Ruin
  7. Freezing Fleas
  8. Stars and Gripes
  9. Armored Armour
  10. As the Snow Flies
  11. Snow Biz
  12. Unseen Trouble
  13. Nervous in the Service
  14. Birthday Bonanza
  15. Wacky Waikiki
  16. General Nuisance
  17. Rookie Wrecker
  18. Noodick of the North
  19. The Fastest Bear in the North
  20. Snow Time Show Time
  21. Goat à Go Go
  22. Spy in the Ointment
  23. An Ill Wind

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