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Casper and the Angels is a Saturday morning cartoon produced by Hanna-Barbera for NBC in 1979. In his first series made expressly for television, Casper the Friendly Ghost is an aide to a pair of space patrolwomen, Minnie and Maxi, in the year 2179. Casper's sidekick, Hairy Scary, is more eager to scare people than Casper is, however unlike most other ghosts, Hairy accepts the fact that Casper is a gentle ghost who does not enjoy scaring people.

It can be inferred that this series was inspired by the live-action drama series Charlie's Angels.

Voice cast


  1. Casper's Golden Chance
  2. Space Circus
  3. Casper Ghosts West
  4. Casper's Camp Out
  5. Strike Four
  6. The Space Pirate
  7. Shipwrecked
  8. The Cat Burglar
  9. Something Fishy
  10. The Smiling Lisa
  11. A Pocket Full o' Schemes
  12. A Tale of Two Trashmen
  13. Fatula
  14. TV or Not TV
  15. Gone to the Dogs
  16. Private Eyeball to Eyeball
  17. Champ for a Day
  18. The Ghost Robbers
  19. Aunt Mary Scary
  20. The Ice Heist
  21. A Shoplifting Experience
  22. The Impossible Scream
  23. Prehistoric Hi-Jinx
  24. The Commander Is Missing
  25. Love at First Fright
  26. Saving Grace in Outer Space