Cindy Bear

Cindy Bear is the girlfriend of Yogi Bear. She was voiced by Julie Bennett. She speaks with a pronounced Southern accent and carries a parasol.

About Cindy

Cindy Bear originally appeared in the shorts "Acrobatty Bear", "A Wooin' Bruin" and the three-parter "Yogi's Birthday Party", where her fur was blue, but it was later changed to a light gray-beige to match that of Yogi (dark brown) and Boo Boo (light tan) in Hey There, It's Yogi Bear! in 1964. In this same film, Cindy sported a very light-blue skirt, and a very light-yellow scarf tied about her neck. She also wore a hat in the original 1961 cartoons, and in a few of her later appearances as well. Her personality also changed from her original episodes to the movie. In the original shorts she was usually not portrayed in a very positive light, and was very self centered. However in the movie, when she was turned into Yogi's love interest she was made more sympathetic and was given a sweeter personality, which carried on for the rest of her appearances.

She has a southern accent. She has a romantic interest in Yogi.


  • In The New Yogi Bear Show, Cindy's mom is introduced, along with Cindy's niece, Bebe the Biker. It's also revealed that Cindy obviously comes from a rich Southern family of bears.
  • Most fans have been waiting a long time for Yogi and Cindy to get married, but so far they haven't. In Hey, There, It's Yogi Bear there's a scene where Cindy imagines the future which has them married, and they also have several kids. In the episode "Gossipy Witch" of Yogi's Gang the witch starts a rumor about Yogi being engaged to Cindy. For promotional use they made a image of Yogi and Cindy at their wedding.
  • She is the only major character not appear in the 2009 live action film.
  • In "Boo Boo Runs Wild", her blue fur returns.


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