Dinky Dog is the canine star of a supporting segment on The All-New Popeye Hour. Contrary to his name, Dinky is a very large orange dog who creates more problems than he solves.


  • The television series is about two girls, ditzy blonde Sandy (voiced by Jackie Joseph) and smart, sensible, bespectacled brunette Monica (voiced by Julie Bennett), living with their uncle, Dudley (voiced by Frank Nelson). Sandy bought a cute pup named Dinky (with the vocal effects by Frank Welker) (also the speaking voice by Les Tremayne) who suddenly grew the size of a polar bear. He is also almost the same size as a horse. Dinky Dog is a Briard. She is now stuck dragging Monica into always finding work and different ways to repair the damages Dinky causes at their poor uncle's expense. Sure enough, however, Dinky always seems to fix things in an unexpected way and is forgiven, much to uncle Dudley's dislike. that point of the speaking voice of Les Tremayne, DInky Dog's speaking voice sounds like Humbug from The Phantom Tollbooth, Alexander Graham Wolf from Raggedy Ann and Andy in the Great Santa Claus Caper and The Well from Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island.
  • In the second portion of the series, Dudley takes the nieces for a world tour on a rented leisure boat, giving Dinky a chance to cause mishap on the different continents for more adventures.


  1. Dinky, Ahoy!
  2. To Boo or Not to Boo
  3. Dinky at the Circus
  4. Dinky's Nose for News
  5. Camp Kooklehaha
  6. Foggy Doggy
  7. Dinky the Movie Star
  8. Attic Antics
  9. Heap Cheap Hotel
  10. Bark in the Park
  11. Flabby Arms Farm
  12. The Bow-Wow Blues Band
  13. Easel Does It
  14. Dinky at the Bat
  15. Phi Beta Dinky
  16. Abominable Dinky
  17. Dinky and the Caveman
  18. Rinky Dinky
  19. Bad Luck Bow-Wow
  20. A Hair of the Dog
  21. Sir Dinky Dog
  22. First Prize Pooch
  23. Department Store Dinky
  24. A Hop and a Dink
  25. Castaway Canine
  26. Gondola, But Not Forgotten
  27. Like It or Lamp It
  28. Lochness Mess
  29. There's No Place Like Home
  30. Buckingham Bow Wow
  31. Rockhead Hound
  32. Tree's a Crowd


Dinky Dog: The Complete Series was released on Region 1 DVD on February 19, 2007, by Visual Entertainment Inc. in Canada, and on October 4, 2011, by First Look Video in the United States.

Unfortunately, the series was never given a VHS release.

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  • "Dinky Dog"
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