Droopy, Master Detective is an animated series spun off from Tom & Jerry Kids Show. Hanna-Barbera and Turner Entertainment produced the show and it aired on Fox in 1993.


Tex Avery's Droopy, a staple of MGM cartoon comedy since 1943, headlines this series spoofing police shows and film noir detective dramas. Droopy and his son, Dripple, are 1940s-style private detectives in an unnamed city.

Screwball Squirrel, another Avery creation, starred in supporting segments. Living in a public park, the squirrel tormented the park attendant Dweeble and his dimwitted dog, Grappley.

Voice cast


Apart from episodes 11 and 13, each episode started and ended with a Droopy installment.

  1. Droopy's Deep Sea Mystery / How Can We Miss You if You Won't Go Away? / Droopy and the Case of the Missing Dragon
  2. The Babyman Bank Heists / Dweeble's Night Out / The Deep Space Chase
  3. Round 'Em Up Bub / A Screwball Romance / The Case of the Snooty Star
  4. The Monster Mob / Everybody Out / Sherlock Droopy
  5. Queen of the Mutant Weirdo Vampires / Screwball Snowballs / Shadowman and the Blue Pigeon
  6. Dueling Detectives / Squirrelicus Obnoxiousness / Sherlock Droopy Gets Hounded
  7. Droopy and the Cyberdolts / Pickax Max / Hey! Where's Arnold?
  8. Auntie Snoople / Demolition Disorder / Mushu McWolf
  9. Return of the Yolker / A Chip Off The Old Blockhead / Mighty McWolf
  10. Sheep Thrills / Screwball Out West / The Maltese Fossil
  11. Deep Swamp Droopy / Dog Breath Dweeble / Hogs Wild
  12. The Case of Pierre le Poulet / Commotion on the Ocean / Alligator Droopy
  13. Primeval Prey / Dweeble's Worst Nightmare / Battle of the Super Squirrels
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