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Dumb and Dumber is an animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera and New Line Television in 1995, based on the previous year's comedy film of the same title.


Like the original film, the Dumb and Dumber animated series involves various misadventures and comic foul-ups of pals Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne as they meander across the country with their pet beaver in their Dogmobile.

Voice cast


  1. Otto's Best Friend
  2. Home Cookin'
  3. Bootcampers
  4. Overbite in Paradise
  5. Chipped Dip
  6. Laundryland Lunacy
  7. Harry Canary
  8. Alienated
  9. Dumb Luck
  10. Dumbbells
  11. Top Dumbs
  12. Dixie Dolls
  13. Neither Rain nor Sleet nor Dumbness
  14. Horse Non-Sense
  15. Senseless in Seattle
  16. Mmm, Cheesy
  17. Movers and Breakers
  18. To Bee or Not to Bee
  19. Dream a Little Scream
  20. Speed and Speedier
  21. Santa Klutz
  22. Hole in Something
  23. Brain, Brain, Go Away

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