Fred and Barney Meet the Thing

Fred and Barney Meet the Thing was an hour-long omnibus show on NBC in 1979–80. Contrary to the show's title, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble did not actually meet the Thing, except in short bumper sketches. Later, the Shmoo was added to the ensemble.

The first half of the program was a rerun from The New Fred and Barney Show. The second half featured a teenage version of Benjamin Grimm alias the Thing from The Fantastic Four. This version of the Thing was not a permanently mutated adult, but a nerdy high school student who joined his rings together while intoning, "Thing ring, do your thing!"

Voice Cast from The Thing

Episodes of The Thing

  1. The Picnic Panic
  2. Bigfoot Meets the Thing
  3. Junkyard Hijinks
  4. Gone Away Gulch
  5. Circus Stampede
  6. The Thing and the Queen
  7. Carnival Caper
  8. The Thing Blanks Out
  9. The Thing Meets the Clunk
  10. Beach Party Crashers
  11. Decepto the Great
  12. The Thing's the Play
  13. Double Trouble for the Thing
  14. To Thing or Not to Thing
  15. The Big Bike Race
  16. The Thing and the Treasure Hunt
  17. Out to Launch
  18. The Day the Ring Didn't Do a Thing
  19. A Hot Air Affair at the Fair
  20. The Thing Goes to the Dogs
  21. The Thing Goes Camping
  22. Dude Ranch Rodeo
  23. Photo Finish
  24. The Thing and the Captain's Ghost
  25. The Thing and the Absent-Minded Professor

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