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Going Bananas is a live-action superhero comedy show produced by Hanna-Barbera. It ran from September to December 1984 on NBC.


Roxana Banana is an orangutan that escaped from the zoo and was adopted by the Cole family. One night, a mysterious spaceship comes down from the sky and endows Roxana with super powers via a lightning bolt. Roxana is pursued by two crooks who want to use her super powers for their own ill will, but Roxana's outdodging them with her powers, as well as the predicaments she creates for the Coles, provides much of the comedy for this series.

Show add-ons

Also included was "Jungle Jukebox", a takeoff on the then-popular music videos using popular songs with animals in the visuals, as well as parodies of then-current and recently cancelled TV shows and then-current commercials using animals.


  • James Avery as Hank
  • Marie Denn as Gran
  • Emily Moltrie as Louise Cole
  • Bill Saluga as Hubert
  • Tim Topper as Jamie Cole
  • Lynnanne Zager as Delivery Girl


  • In one episode, there was a parody of The Little Rascals titled "Mangy Li'l Rascals", which used the same theme music as in the animated series, which was recently cancelled by that point. In the parody, there was a character named Dar-weasel, the animal equivalent of Darla Hood. The term "mangy" was also used in the episode "Cap'n Spanky's Showboat, uttered by Captain Smokey."

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