Heyyy, It's The King - "The Blue Kangaroo" episode

Heyyy, It's The King - "The Blue Kangaroo" episode

Heyyy, It's the King! was one of the six segments of the CB Bears animated anthology series. It was an all-animal cartoon, reminiscent of the live-action sitcom Happy Days.

When CB Bears was repackaged for syndication, Heyyy, It's the King! was supported by Shake, Rattle and Roll and Undercover Elephant.


  • The King (voiced by Lennie Weinrib): Modelled loosely on "The Fonz," a hyped-up lion who leads the motley little crew.
  • Big H (voiced by Sheldon Allman): The original Hungry Hungry Hippo, as can be a big pain-in-the-butt thanks to his food fetish.
  • Clyde (voiced by Don Messick): The dopey gorilla with athletic pretensions as big as his ego.
  • Yuka-Yuka (voiced by Lennie Weinrib): A hyena who wears a porkpie hat and has practical-joker tendencies.
  • Skids (voiced by Marvin Kaplan): The jalopy-driving crocodile with a necktie and a bucket on his head.
  • Sheena (voiced by Ginny McSwain) and Zelda (voiced by Susan Silo): The crew's cheerleaders, a puma (wearing a sweater with an H featured prominently) and ostrich (wearing a locket on her neck and a bow on her head), respectively. Can be counted on to provide motivation in extremis.

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