Huckleberry Hound is a blue dog that speaks with a Southern drawl and has a relaxed personality. Based on the Southern Wolf character in 1953's "Three Little Pups", he first appeared in the series, The Huckleberry Hound Show. He was voiced by Daws Butler.

About Huck

Most of his shorts consisted of Huck trying to perform jobs in different fields, ranging from policeman to dogcatcher, with results that backfired, yet usually coming out on top, either through slow persistence or sheer luck. Huck did not seem to exist in a specific time period as he has also been a Roman gladiator, a Medieval knight, and a rocket scientist.

One regular antagonist in the series was "Powerful Pierre", a tall and muscular unshaven character with a French accent. Another regular villain was "Dinky Dalton", a rough and tough western outlaw that Huck usually has to capture, and Crazy Coyote, an Indian who Huck often had to defeat who was his match. There were also two crows with Mafia accents who often annoyed Farmer Huck. Another trademark of Huck was his tone deaf and off-key rendition of "Oh My Darling, Clementine", often used as a running gag, however in the short "Legion Bound Hound", it is also the name of his fiance, who he tries to forget. He also commonly used the phrase "and stuff like that there" in place of "and so on."

He was voiced in the original cartoons in 1957 by Daws Butler, who had given a similar voice and characterization to Reddy. Butler denied he based the voice on Carolinian actor Andy Griffith, as well as a neighbor he once knew, and had been using it since the late 1940s. For his part, Joseph Barbera recalls in his memoir, My Life in 'Toons, that when asked to demonstrate a Southern drawl, Butler noted where there were a number of regional variants thereof.

His "birthday" is January 17 and he is said to be the last living member of his family.



Droopy Dog (1943-1958) [As Southern Wolf]


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In Other Languages

  • Brazilian Portuguese: Dom Pixote
  • Bulgarian: Хъкълбери Хрътката
  • Croatian: Hucky i Prijatelji
  • Czech: Pes Filipes
  • Dutch: Huckleberry Hond
  • Finnish: Hakki-koira
  • French: Roquet Belles-Oreilles
  • German: Hucky
  • Hungarian: Foxi Maxi
  • Icelandic: Hökki Hundur
  • Italian: Braccobaldo Bau
  • Japanese: 珍犬ハックル (Chin-ken Hakkuru)
  • Polish: Pies Huckleberry
  • Portuguese: Dom Quixote
  • Spanish: similar to English
  • Swedish: Huckleberry Hund / Blåbärsjycken
  • Turkish: Hukleberri ve bese hondi