It's the Wolf!, a segment of Cattanooga Cats, followed the comic exploits of a wolf named Mildew (voiced by an uncredited yet easily recognizable Paul Lynde), who aspires to catch and eat a sure-footed little lamb named Lambsy (voiced by Daws Butler), but is always thwarted in this plan by the dog Bristle Hound (voiced by Allan Melvin). Bristle would apprehend Mildew (usually after hearing Lambsy's cries of, "It's the wool-uff!"), pound him, and toss him sailing into the air, with Mildew screaming a rejoinder such as "Spoil Sport!" as he flies into the horizon and lands with a thud. Showing modest responsibility, Lambsy never fails to recognize Mildew.


  1. High Hopes
  2. When My Sheep Comes In
  3. A Sheep in the Deep
  4. Lambsy Divey in Winter Blunder Land
  5. Merry Go Round Up
  6. Super Scientific Sheep Sitting Service
  7. Any Sport in a Storm
  8. Magic Wanderer
  9. Runaway Home
  10. Smart Dummy
  11. Channel Chasers
  12. Mask Me No Questions
  13. Freeway Frenzy
  14. Slumber Jacks
  15. Pow Wow Wolf
  16. Ghost of a Chance
  17. Lambscout Cookout or Mildew
  18. Wolf in a Sheeps Clothing
  19. To Beach His Own
  20. Sheep Scene Stealer
  21. How to Cook a Lamb
  22. Train Tripped
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