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Jabberjaw is the main character in the 1976 ABC show Jabberjaw. He was voiced by Frank Welker in imitation of Curly Howard of the Three Stooges.

About Jabberjaw

  • Jabberjaw is an amphibious shark who plays the drums in a band called the Neptunes. His two running gags are his habit of kissing Shelly, to her disgust, and his complaints about not getting any respect.
  • His birthday is 14 May.
  • His catchphrase is No Respect.

Other Appearances

  • After his own show was canceled, Jabberjaw was a referee in Scooby's All-Star Laff-a-Lympics and a competitor on Yogi's Space Race.
  • Jabberjaw later made a cameo appearance in an episode of Yogi's Treasure Hunt and was featured in an episode of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.
  • Jabberjaw makes a cameo appearance during the end credits of Scoob! where the character joins Blue Falcon's superhero team known as the Falcon Force. He also appears on a poster in the Funland Arcade in an arcade cabinet alongside the other members of the Neptunes.
    • Jabberjaw was originally gonna have a larger part, and the character appears to have turned into a female.
  • Jabberjaw appears in Jellystone! as a female character[1], without the Brooklyn accent, having few ties to the original depiction (even though The Neptunes make a visual appearance in the episode Ice Ice Daddy).[2][3] She mispronounces Magilla Gorilla's name as "Majilla".