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Josie and the Pussy Cats is an American animated television series, based upon the Archie Comics comic book series of the same name created by Dan DeCarlo. It was produced for Saturday-morning television by Hanna-Barbera Productions.


Josie and the Pussy Cats featured an all-girl pop music band that toured the world with their entourage, getting mixed up in strange adventures, spy capers and mysteries. On the small screen, the group consisted of level-headed lead singer/guitarist Josie McCoy, intelligent tambourinist Valerie Brown and air-headed blond drummer Melody Valentine. Other characters included their shady manager, Alexander Cabot III; his conniving sister, Alexandra; her cat, Sebastian, and hunky roadie Alan Mayberry.

Josie and her friends later appeared in an episode of The New Scooby-Doo Movies. Melody, Alexander, Alexandra and Sebastian were also intended to join Scooby-Doo's team on Laff-A-Lympics, but licensing difficulties with Archie Comics led Hanna-Barbera to replace them with Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels.


  • It was the first of eleven other mystery cartoons that followed the Scooby-Doo vein, all by the same company.
  • Josie and the Pussy Cats originally aired with a full laugh track. Until recently, re-airings of the show on Cartoon Network and Boomerang retained the laugh track. The VHS and DVD releases and Amazon Video, however, do not feature the laugh track.

Voice Cast

Speaking Voices


  • Cathy Dougher as Josie
  • Patrice Holloway as Valerie
  • Cheryl Ladd as Melody


  1. The Nemo's a No No Affair
  2. A Greenthumb Is Not a Goldfinger
  3. The Secret Six Secret
  4. Swap Plot Flop
  5. The Midas Mix-Up
  6. X Marks the Spot
  7. Chili Today and Hot Tamale
  8. Never Mind a Master Mind
  9. Plateau of the Apes Plot
  10. Strangemoon over Miami
  11. All Wong in Hong Kong
  12. Melody Memory Mix-Up
  13. The Great Pussycat Chase
  14. Spy School Spoof
  15. The Jumpin' Jupiter Affair
  16. Don't Count on a Countess

DVD Release

A two-disc set of Josie and the Pussycats: The Complete Series was released by Warner Home Video as part of the Hanna-Barbera Classics Collection.


  • Produced and Directed by: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
  • Co-Producer: Alex Lovy
  • Story Supervision: Joe Ruby, Ken Spears
  • Story: Larz Bourne, Tom Dagenais, Bill Lutz
  • Story Direction: Willie Ito, Paul Sommer, Earl Klein, Howard Swift
  • Voices: Sherry Alberoni, Daws Butler, Henry Corden, Jerry Dexter, Cathy Douglas, Patricia Holloway, Jackie Joseph, Casey Kasem, Don Messick, Cherie Moor, Barbara Pariot, John Stephenson, Judy Waite, Janet Waldo
  • Animation Director: Charles A. Nichols
  • Production Design: Iwao Takamoto
  • Production Supervisor: Victor O. Schipek
  • Layout: Willie Ito, Takashi Masunaga, Jim Fletcher, Terry Slade, Gary Hoffman, Pete Alvarado, Grace Stanzell, Floyd Norman, Jerry Eisenberg, Homer Jonas, Lou Appet, Jan Green, John Ahern, Don Jurwich, Stan Green, Roman Arambula
  • Animation: Jerry Hathcock, Ed Barge, Dick Lundy, Isadore Ellis, Ed Aardal, Bob Bemiller, Morey Reden, Dick thompson, Shannon Lee Dyer, John Garling, Jack Parr, Bill Keil, Ed Parks, Xenia, George Gopper, Carlos Alfonso, Oliver E. Callahan, Lillian Evans, John Sparey, Joan Orbison, Hugh Fraser, Tom Ray, Hicks Lokey, Jay Sarbry
  • Background Styling: F. Montealegre
  • Backgrounds: Fernando Arce, Martin Forte, Rene Garcia, Gino Giudice, Richard Khim, Gary Niblett, Iraj Paran, Curtis Perkins, Eric Semones, Peter Van Elk
  • Titles: Robert Schaefer
  • Music Supervision: La La Productions
  • Musical Director: Ted Nichols
  • Josie Theme by: Hoyt Curtin
  • Musicians: Mike Deasy
  • Technical Supervisor: Frank Pakier.
  • Ink & Paint Supervisor: Roberta Greutert
  • Xerography: Robert "Tiger" West
  • Sound Direction: Richard Olson, Bill Getty
  • Editorial Supervision: Larry Cowan
  • Music Editor: Pat Foley
  • Effects Editors: Richard Allen, Milton Krear, Wayne Hughes
  • Negative Consultant: William E. DeBoer
  • Post-Production: Joed Eaton
  • Camera: Charles Flekal, Roy Wade, Bill Kotler, Dennis Weaver
  • Created by: John Goldwater and Richard Goldwater for the "Josie and the Pussycats" comic book originally designed by Dan DeCarlo
  • A Hanna-Barbera Production
  • in association with: Filmation Associates
  • This Picture Made Under the Jurisdiction of IATSE-IA Affiliated with A.F.L.-C.I.O.
  • RCA Sound Recording
  • © 1970 Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc./Radio Comics, Inc.