Judy Jetson

Judith "Judy" Angela Jetson is a fictional character in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series The Jetsons.

About Judy

She is the daughter of George and Jane and the big sister of Elroy, who acts just like a normal teenage girl, only with more futuristic tastes.

Despite Judy still keeping modern-day "teenage girl" likes and dislikes, such as seemingly never-ending conversations on the telephone and shopping for outfits, she does not live exactly like a modern teenager, obviously because of the time the show takes place, because she enjoys taking advantage of the many gadgets at her grasp because of the technology (like controllable zero-gravity switches made for accomplishing popular dance moves of the show's time or for other uses). She also gives a summary of how her day went including her problems to a floating robotic diary, appropriately named, "DiDi".

Judy is also very fond of a rock singer named "Jet Screamer", whom George at first despised until Judy won a date with the heartthrob singer in a contest in which girls who wanted to win a date with Jet Screamer were to write songs, and the writer of the winning song would win the date. Judy won because George replaced her original song with her little brother Elroy's secret code, but it won anyway. George came along to try to stop the date but failed and wound up as the drummer for the song and soon took a liking for Jet Screamer and his music that he became the president of the Jet Screamer fan club.

In The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania!, Judy is a supporting character and is very knowledgable about the history of WWE as she explained to her father George before they travel back to 100 years in the past. She later poses as WWE Superstar Becky Lynch by donning her black wrestling attire and her signature long orange wig to conceal her head to gain entry with her family in disguise. After Big Show's defeat by Sheamus and going with Vince McMahon's group to return to their time, Judy and her family are last seen watching WrestleMania.

Judy is depicted wearing a deep pinkish-purple, futuristic outfit and, like a few other Hanna-Barbara cartoon characters (such as Bamm-Bamm Rubble from The Flintstones and some background characters in various cartoons) has white hair that is colored to resemble platinum blonde or bleached blonde hair, which she wears in a ponytail on top of her head.

While posing as Becky Lynch throughout the movie, Judy wears a black sleeveless midriff with a matching wrestling shorts and boots. She also dons a long orange hair wig where she conceals her hair.