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Moby Dick and Mighty Mightor is a superhero series created by comic artist Alex Toth that aired in 1967. Despite its name, the "Mightor" segments came first and third while the "Moby Dick" segments were the second.


While on a hunting trip, Tor and his faithful companion Tog rescue an ancient hermit. Grateful, the old man gives Tor a club which posses great powers. Tor raises the club and he becomes Mightor, and Tog is transferred into a fire breathing dragon. Together, they become champions of good and the nemeses of evil.


Moby Dick

When a typhoon suddenly strikes, Tom and Tubb are swept miles away from their uncle's vessel, the Sea Explorer, and find themselves in uncharted waters, surrounded by menacing sharks. When all hope seems lost, they are saved by the giant white whale, Moby Dick. Tom and Tubb happily realize they have found a new friend as they face the perils of the deep together.



Mightor: As Mightor, Tor has the following powers:

-Super Strength



-Super Speed

his club can fire energy rays, x-ray beams, fire, arctic winds, and tractor beams

Moby Dick: Moby Dick is stronger and faster than an average whale, and he can stretch his body to any length he desires. Some episodes also depict him as being able to command other sea creatures.



1.The Monster Keeper

2.The Tiger Men

3.The Bird People

4.The Serpent Queen

5.Mightor meets Tyrannor

6.The Giant Hunters

7.Return of Korg

8.Brutor the Barbarian

9.The Tusk People

10.Kragor and the Cavern Creatures

11.The Snow Trapper

12.The People Keepers

13.The Tree Pygmies

14.The Vulture Men

15.Charr and the Fire People

16.The Stone Men

17.Vampire Island

18.Cult of the Cavebearers

19.Attack of the Ice Creatures

20.Revenge of the Serpent Queen

21.Rok and His Gang

22.The Scorpion Men

23.The Sea Slavers

24.A Big Day for Little Rok

25.The Plant People

26.Tribe of the Witchmen

27.The Return of the Vulture Men

28.The Battle of the Mountain Monsters

29.Vengeance of the Storm King

30.The Mightiest Warrior

31.Rok to the Rescue

32.Dionsaur Island

33.The Missing Village

34.The Greatest Escape

35.Battle of the Mightors

36.Rok and the Golden Rok

Moby Dick

1.The Sinister Sea Saucer

2.The Electrifying Shocktopus

3.The Crab Creatures

4.The Sea Monster

5.The Undersea World

6.The Aqua-Bats

7.The Iceberg Monster

8.The Shark Men

9.The Saucer Shells

10.Moraya, the Eel Queen

11.Toadus, Ruler of the Dead Ships

12.The Cereb Men

13.The Vortex Trap

14.The Sand Creatures

15.The Sea Ark

16.The Shimmering Screen

17.Soodak the Invader

18.The Iguana Men