Monchhichis is a Saturday morning cartoon, based on a line of Japanese dolls imported to the United States by Mattel. The cartoon was produced by Hanna-Barbera for ABC in 1983.

The Monchhichis resided in the woodsy kingdom of Monchia, under the rule of a benign wizard, Wizzar. This tribe of highly developed monkey-like creatures lived in the tops of very tall trees, high above the clouds. Their idyllic life was continually threatened by the gloomy Grumplins of nearby Grumplor, whose evil leader, Horgg, enjoyed being called "Your Loathsomeness" and "Your Nastiness". The wise Wizzer would often conjure up powerful spells to save the Monchhichis from the evil grasp of the Grumplins. Fortunately, the Monchhichis were smarter and more resourceful in their efforts to protect their treetop society.

Monchhichis was spoofed on Robot Chicken in 2009, in the sketch "I Love Her".

Voice cast


  1. Tickle Pickle
  2. Too Too Trouble
  3. Double Play
  4. Swamp Secret
  5. Dueling Wizzars
  6. Thumkii's Pet
  7. Misfit Grumplin
  8. Jingle Pods
  9. Cloud City
  10. Moncho's Gift
  11. Helpless Hero
  12. Grumpstaff Grief
  13. The Charm Alarm

DVD release

On March 23, 2017, Warner Archive announced an April 18 release date for Monchhichis: The Complete Series. It will be a manufacture-on-demand title in the Hanna-Barbera Classics Collection.

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