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Released 1965
Format LP
Label Hanna-Barbera Records
Catalogue no. HLP-2020

Monster Shindig is a 1965 release from Hanna-Barbera Records, starring Snooper and Blabber. Daws Butler was not available to provide the voice of his characters, so Paul Frees did the voice of Snooper, and June Foray voiced Blabber.


  1. Monster Shindig Song
  2. Monster Shindig Story Part 1
  3. Super Snooper Song
  4. Monster Shindig Story Part 2
  5. Monster Shindig Song
  6. Monster Shindig Story Part 3
  7. Monster Jerk Song
  8. Monster Shindig Story Part 4
  9. Super Snooper Song
  10. Super Snooper Song (1959 version)
  11. Blabber Mouse Song (1959 version)