Morocco's original design


Morocco's updated design in Super Secret Secret Squirrel in the 90s


Morocco's baby-blue eyes

Morocco Mole is Secret Squirrel's sidekick. In The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show, Morocco was voiced by Paul Frees. In the 1993 series, Super Secret Secret Squirrel, Morocco was voiced by Jim Cummings.

About Morocco

He wears a fez, a smoking jacket, and large glasses.

The original series portrays him as Secret's long-suffering chauffeur, driving SS to and from missions and the International Sneaky Service. He usually waited outside while Secret got his missions from the chief, saying "I'll wait good, like a faithful friend/companion should." During missions, he often helped SS to regroup (or reassemble) after an attempt to capture the villain failed with one of his gadgets backfiring.

Later, Morocco's glasses have dark lenses with highlights that change with his expression, and his color scheme is altered. He takes on a much more bumbling personality, always saying "oopsie" after making an obvious blunder, and providing more of the comic relief that Secret himself usually provided in the original series. He always appears just after Secret when reporting for duty to the Chief, announcing himself with "Likewise me; Morocco Mole", (usually while bumbling his entrance in one way or another). He is explicitly an agent of the Super Secret Service, rather than just Secret Squirrel's chauffeur and sidekick, as the Chief is required to give him one assignment in his career as an agent.

The episode "Doctor O." shows that Morocco's eyes are blue, as well as capable of night-vision, and "Goldflipper" reveals that he has a gold tooth, without which, he has a lisp? (

Morocco has an evil twin brother named Scirocco Mole, first appearing in the episode of the same name. Scirocco inadvertently facilitated his brother's team up with Secret when he forced Morocco to act as his double while being pursued. Scirocco's wallet photos imply he and Morocco have a number of other siblings, (all of whom are presumed dead, possibly by Scirocco's hand).

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