Oliver and the Artful Dodger

Oliver and the Artful Dodger is a two-part animated telefilm produced in 1972 by Hanna-Barbera for The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie. The film, a continuation of Charles Dickens' novel Oliver Twist, aired in late October 1972.


Once a cunning thief, the Artful Dodger has reformed. He now devotes his time to rescuing children from Bumbles, the manager of a London workhouse.

Meanwhile, Oliver Twist has been adopted by the wealthy Mr. Brownlow, whose fortune he stands to inherit. When Mr. Brownlow dies, and his will cannot be found, his wicked nephew Sniperly arrives to claim his uncle's money. When it is discovered that the will has been hidden in the drawer of some furniture that has been sold to a man in the country, the race to recover it is on. Despite Sniperly's treacherous tricks, the boys recover the will and Oliver uses the money to establish an orphanage.

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