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Peter Potamus and His Magic Flying Balloon, also known as The Peter Potamus Show, is an animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera for first-run syndication. It was first broadcast in 1964 and ran for three seasons.

In the 1970s, Peter Potamus became a supporting character on Yogi's Gang and made a cameo in the Laff-a-Lympics episode: India and Israel.


  • Peter Potamus: In the main segment, Peter and his sidekick, So-So the monkey, traveled around the world in their hot-air balloon.
  • Breezly and Sneezly: A polar bear named Breezly Bruin and his droopy friend Sneezly the Seal devise various plans to break into the local army camp for various reasons while trying to stay one step ahead of the army camp's leader, Colonel Fusby.
  • Yippee, Yappee and Yahooey: Three Musketeer-like dogs work as guards for their king.

Voice cast


  1. Fe Fi Fo Fun / No Place Like Nome / The Volunteers
  2. Lion Around / All Riot on the Northern Front / Black Bart
  3. Cleo Trio / Missile Fizzle / Double Dragon
  4. No Rest for a Pest / Mass Masquerade / Outlaw in-Law
  5. Wagon Train Strain / Furry Furlough / Horse Shoo Fly
  6. Monotony on the Bounty / Bruin Ruin / Wild Child
  7. The Good Hood / Freezing Fleas / Witch is Which
  8. Stars on Mars / Stars and Gripes / Wise Quacking
  9. Kooky Spook / Armoured Armor / Nautical Nitwits
  10. The Island Fling / As the Snow Flies / Job Robbed
  11. Courtin Trouble / Show Biz / Unicorn on the Cob
  12. Big Red Riding Hood / Unseen Trouble / Mouse Rout
  13. Hurricane Hippo / Nervous in the Service / Handy Dandy Lion
  14. What a Night / Birthday Bonanza / Sappy Birthday
  15. Mask Task / Bad Guys Are Good Guys / King of the Roadhogs
  16. Pre-Hysterical Pate / Itchy Finger Gunslinger / Palace Pal Picnic
  17. Trite Flight / Clucko Bunko / Sleepy Time King
  18. Marriage Peter Potamus Style / Slick Quick Gun / Pie Pie Blackbird
  19. Calaboose Caboose / Mostly Ghostly
  20. Eager Ogre / Will O' the Whip
  21. The Reform of Plankenstein / Cactus Ruckus
  22. Debt and Taxes / Rapid Romance
  23. Wrong Time No See / El Loco, Loco, Loco Diablo
  24. America or Bust / Big Town Show Down
  25. Rebel Rumble / Space Sheriff
  26. Pilgrims Regress / Red Riding Ricochet
  27. The Crossbow Incident / Jail Break-In

DVD release

On October 4, 2016, Warner Archive announced the release of a three-disc Peter Potamus DVD set as a manufacture-on-demand title. On October 19, Warner Archive announced a November 1 release date for The Peter Potamus Show.

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