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Pound Puppies

Pound Puppies is an animated TV special, later a Saturday morning cartoon, based on a line of plush dogs. The special was produced by Hanna-Barbera in 1985, and the series began on ABC the next year.


The main characters are a group of humanized dogs who live in a dog pound and help other dogs find loving homes. The canine heroes pretend to be normal dogs, except in the presence of Holly, the orphan girl who cares for them. Unfortunately, Holly's guardian, Katrina Stoneheart, hates dogs and is constantly plotting to kill the Pound Puppies.

In the second season of Pound Puppies, some of the dogs' personalities were changed. The Pound Puppies and Holly were now freedom fighters operating from an elaborate underground base, trying to save the dogs from Katrina, who was now running the pound in the manner of a concentration camp, and find lonely children to adopt them.

Voice cast


Season 1

  1. Bright Eyes, Come Home
  2. How to Found a Pound
  3. From Wags to Riches
  4. Snowbound Pound
  5. The Fairy Dogmother
  6. Whopper Cries Uncle
  7. In Pups We Trust
  8. The Captain and the Cats
  9. Secret Agent Pup
  10. Wagga Wagga
  11. The Star Pup
  12. Happy Howlidays
  13. Ghost Hounders

Season 2

The second season had two stories in each of the first 10 half-hour episodes.

  1. Whopper Gets the Point / Bird Dog
  2. Tail of the Pup / King Whopper
  3. Tuffy Gets Fluffy / Casey, Come Home
  4. Where Do Puppies Come From? / Pups on the Loose
  5. The Invisible Friend / Kid in the Doghouse
  6. Little Big Dog / The Bright Eyes Mob
  7. Good Night, Sweet Pups / The Rescue Pups
  8. Nose Marie Day / Snow Puppies
  9. Where's the Fire? / The Wonderful World of Whopper
  10. Bright Lights, Bright Eyes / Dog and Caterpillar
  11. Garbage Night: The Musical
  12. Peter Pup
  13. Cooler, Come Back
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