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Punkin' Puss & Mushmouse is a cartoon produced by Hanna-Barbera and originally aired as a segment on The Magilla Gorilla Show.


A cat called Punkin Puss lives in a house in the woods of the southern US. Punkin' is preoccupied with a mouse called Mushmouse who lives there too, and Punkin' frequently tries to shoot him with his rifle. The cat looks similar to the cats in Top Cat's gang.

One episode, "Nowhere Bear", has the cat continually disrupting an angry bear's sleep. Another, "Small Change", has Punkin Puss (and later a dog as well) shrinking to mouse size.

Usually one of Mushmouse's cousins comes and gives Punkin' a hard time. Many would think Punkin' would stop bullying Mushmouse when this occurs but to no avail on Mushmouse's behalf when the relative leaves.

Voice Cast


  1. Callin' All Kin
  2. Small Change
  3. Hornswoggled
  4. Muscle Tussle
  5. Cat Nipped
  6. Army-Nervy Game
  7. Seein' is Believin'
  8. Courtin' Disaster
  9. A Tale of Two Kitties
  10. Chomp Romp
  11. Catch as Cat Can Day
  12. Jump Bumps
  13. Nowhere Bear
  14. Legend of Bat Mouseterson
  15. Super Drooper
  16. Pep Hep
  17. Shot At And Missed
  18. The Mouse from S.O.M.P.
  19. Host of a Ghost
  20. Feudal Feud
  21. Heir Conditioning
  22. Hyde and Shriek
  23. Misfortune Cookie

Other Appearances

  • Punkin' Puss & Mushmouse were seen in opening title of Yogi's Gang.