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Ranger John Francis Smith is a character in the Yogi Bear cartoon series.

About Smith

He is the authority figure in Jellystone Park, in contrast to the antics of the troublesome Yogi, and he greatly disapproves of Yogi's picnic basket thievery. Interesting to note, his character was not yet conceptualized in the original shorts on The Yogi Bear Show. Ranger Smith's relationship with Yogi seems to change with every episode. Sometimes he's very friendly with Yogi and was even reluctant to send him to a zoo in one episode; in other episodes, he wants nothing more than to send Yogi to a zoo. There seems to be a deep down if not grudging respect for Yogi. Although the two have a somewhat antagonistic relationship, if serious trouble were to befall one of them, the other, out of sheer guilt, usually attempts to rescue them.

Other Appearances

  • Ranger Smith was a supporting character in Yogi's Treasure Hunt.
  • In Yo Yogi!, Ranger Smith is shown as Officer Smith who is a security guard at Jellystone Mall. Officer Smith is voiced by Greg Burson instead of Don Messick, despite Messick still voiced Boo Boo.
  • Ranger Smith has become a starring character in parody shorts produced by the now-defunct animation company Spümcø, including Boo Boo Runs Wild and A Day in the Life of Ranger Smith. In those appearances, Ranger Smith was voiced by Corey Burton. Throughout the shorts, his design changes are often poked fun at.
  • Various designs for Ranger Smith made non-speaking appearances in the Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law episode "Identity Theft".
  • Ranger Smith appeared in the Robot Chicken episode "President Evil" voiced by Seth Green. In a movie trailer segment that featured Yogi and Boo Boo, Ranger Smith tells the sheriff that the cops won't catch Yogi since he's smarter than the average bear.
  • Ranger Smith appears in the Yogi Bear feature film that was released 17 December 2010. He is portrayed by actor Tom Cavanagh.
  • In an episode of I Am Weasel, Ranger Smith is in the old cartoon asylum.



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