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Sealab 2020 is an animated adventure series produced by Hanna-Barbera for NBC in 1972. It concerns the crew of an underwater laboratory. These scientists, led by Dr. Williams and Captain Murphy, study the undersea environment and help out sea creatures in need.

Only 13 episodes were produced. Cartoon Network later redubbed the series as Sealab 2021 for its Adult Swim block.

Sealab 2020 was released on DVD by Warner Home Video in early June 2012.

Voice cast


  1. Deep Threat
  2. Green Fever
  3. The Singing Whale
  4. Lost
  5. The Shark Lover
  6. Backfire
  7. The Basking Shark
  8. Where Dangers Are Many
  9. The Deepest Dive
  10. The Challenge
  11. Collision of the Aquarius
  12. The Arctic Story
  13. The Capture
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