Sinbad Jr. and his Magic Belt
Sinbad jr and his magic belt

Sinbad jr and his magic belt.-intro

Sinbad Jr. and His Magic Belt is an animated series produced for first-run syndication by Sam Singer and Hanna-Barbera in 1965.


This series follows the adventures of the son of the legendary sea adventurer Sinbad and Salty, his parrot companion. Sinbad Jr. gains superhuman strength when he pulls on his belt.

Voice cast


  1. Dragon Drubbers
  2. Rock Around the Rock
  3. Ronstermon
  4. Captain Sly
  5. Caveman Daze
  6. Circus Hi Jinks
  7. Look Out, Lookout
  8. Typical Bad Night
  9. Woodchopper Stopper
  10. Arabian Knights
  11. Moon Madness
  12. Seismograph Laugh
  13. Big Belt Bungle
  14. Jack and the Giant
  15. Turnabout Is Foul Play
  16. Elephant on Ice
  17. Jekyll and Hyde
  18. Kooky Spooky
  19. Belted About
  20. Big Deal Seal