Snorky is a full-bodied elephant puppet character from The Banana Splits Adventure Hour. He was first performed by James Dove, later replaced by Robert Towers. A voice for Snorky was not needed because the character never spoke in the entire series.

One of the recurring segments Snorky appeared in and played a major role was called The Great Fleegali. It was a magic show featuring Fleegle, Snorky assisted Fleegle in these sketches as Bingo and Drooper watched.

Each of the Banana Splits were occasionally shown playing instruments, Snorky played the keyboards.


A comparison between Snorky in season one and in season two

Out of all the Splits characters, Snorky went through the most change. Originally Snorky was all covered in shaggy hair, but during the episode "The Great Banana Splits Race" A new Snorky costume was introduced. Snorky now was clean-shaven (with visible eyes) and wore a striped vest. This version was used thru the show's second season. During the early 2000's when the Cartoon Network website revived the splits for an multi-part online adventure, The original shaggy Snorky design was brought back.

In many of the SPLITS merchandise, especially books, it wasn't uncommon to often see BOTH versions of Snorky used. At one point, in a puzzle set the Snorky used was a combination of BOTH designs-Snorky still had hair, but also the vest and eyes of the second season version.

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