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Space Ghost & Dino Boy is a Saturday-morning cartoon series produced by Hanna-Barbera for CBS in 1966. Consisting of two segments, Space Ghost and Dino Boy in the Lost Valley, it started the studio's two-year superhero adventure cycle.


Unlike comic book superheroes of previous decades, Space Ghost was one of the first superheroes to originate on television. The creation of Alex Toth, Space Ghost fought evil throughout the cosmos, with the aid of his teenage wards, Jan and Jace, and their pet monkey, Blip. All four heroes could become invisible by activating special devices on their costumes.

In the backup segment, Dino Boy in the Lost Valley, a young boy named Tod parachuted from an airplane with his parents still aboard, and landed in a primitive part of South America known as the Lost Valley. Resembling a jungle, the Lost Valley was home to dinosaurs and cave-dwelling humans.

Voice cast

Space Ghost

Dino Boy in the Lost Valley


Space Ghost

  1. The Heat Thing
  2. Zorak
  3. The Lizard Slavers
  4. The Web
  5. Creature King
  6. The Sandman
  7. The Evil Collector
  8. The Drone
  9. Homing Device
  10. The Robot Master
  11. The Iceman
  12. Hi-Jackers
  13. The Energy Monster
  14. The Lure
  15. The Cyclopeds
  16. The Schemer
  17. Lokar, King of the Killer Locusts
  18. Space Sargasso
  19. Brago
  20. Revenge of the Spider Woman
  21. Attack of the Saucer Crab
  22. Space Birds
  23. The Time Machine
  24. Nightmare Planet
  25. Space Armada
  26. The Challenge
  27. Jungle Planet
  28. Ruler of the Rock Robots
  29. Glasstor
  30. The Space Ark
  31. The Sorcerer
  32. The Space Piranhas
  33. The Ovens of Moltor
  34. Transor, the Matter Mover
  35. The Gargoyloids
  36. The Looters
  37. The Council of Doom, Part 1: The Meeting
  38. The Council of Doom, Part 2: Clutches of Creature King
  39. The Council of Doom, Part 3: The Deadly Trap
  40. The Council of Doom, Part 4: The Molten Monsters of Moltar
  41. The Council of Doom, Part 5: Two Faces of Doom
  42. The Council of Doom, Part 6: The Final Encounter

Dino Boy in the Lost Valley

  1. Marooned
  2. The Moss Men
  3. The Treeman
  4. The Fire God
  5. The Mighty Snow Creature
  6. The Wolf People
  7. Valley of the Giants
  8. The Ant Warriors
  9. The Bird Riders
  10. Giant Ants
  11. The Rock Pygmies
  12. Danger River
  13. The Vampire Men
  14. The Terrible Chase
  15. The Sacrifice
  16. The Marksman
  17. The Spear Warriors
  18. The Worm People
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