Spot is the feline partner of Hong Kong Phooey. He was "voiced" by Don Messick.

About Spot

He is a yellow and grey striped cat, with an expressive face.

He does most of the work but gets little credit. He is relaxed, content to curl up in the police station, but he can spring into action and help, for instance, by slamming his paw down on the top of the filing cabinet when Penry the mild mannered janitor gets stuck when changing into his Kung Fu outfit and becoming Hong Kong Phooey.

He has a habit of noticing criminals and their activities, and pointing at them, only for Hong Kong Phooey to say not to bother him, as he thinks it's something unimportant until too late.

Spot always every episode foils the criminals, for example, he ties up sweet thieves with licorice[1] and Hong Kong Phooey is led to believe that he somehow did it, with the "power of Kung Fu."


  1. "The Gumdrop Kid", Episode 6


Spot thumping the cabinet to help the stuck Hong Kong Phooey

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