Teen Force

Teen Force is a segment on Space Stars. The Teen Force consisted of three young heroes who came from Black Hole X, described by narrator Keene Curtis as "the gateway into our dimension".

  • Elektra (B. J. Ward), a tall redhead woman in a silver suit, had mental powers including telekinesis and telepathy.
  • Kid Comet (Darryl Hickman), a fair-skinned man in an orange suit, was the leader of the trio. His super speed caused his body to take on the appearance of an actual comet.
  • Moleculad (David Hubbard), a black man in a green suit, had the power to change the molecular structure of any object, even his own body.

Accompanying the Teen Force were the Astro-Mites, Glax and Plutem (both voiced by Michael Winslow). Their main enemy was Uglor (Allan Lurie), a winged monster who sought to conquer the cosmos.