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The Brak Show is a spin-off of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, focusing on Voldemar H. "Brak" Guerta. It was produced by Williams Street Studios and aired on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block from 2000 to 2003. One final episode, "Space Adventure", was broadcast online in 2007.


Moving over from Space Ghost Coast to Coast, The Brak Show featured many of the characters from Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Cartoon Planet. This show spoofed TV sitcoms of the latter half of the 20th century.

Voice cast

  • Marsha Crenshaw as Brak's mother in episodes 1–14 and "Space Adventure"
  • Joanna Daniel as Brak's mother in episodes 15–28
  • C. Martin Croker as Zorak
  • George Lowe as Brak's father
  • Carey Means as Thundercleese
  • Andy Merrill as Voldemar H. "Brak" Guerta and Clarence


Season 1

  1. B.J. and the Brak: Mr. Bawk Ba Gawk (pilot, shown on Cartoon Network)
  2. Leave It to Brak: Goldfish
  3. Diff'rent Braks: Time Machine
  4. Gimme a Brak: War Next Door
  5. The Braks of Life: Hippo
  6. Laverne & Brak: Moab
  7. Brak's My Momma: Expiration Day
  8. Father Knows Brak: Psychoklahoma
  9. Petticoat Brak: The Eye

Season 2

  1. Poppy
  2. Bully
  3. Mother, Did You Move My Chair?
  4. President Dad
  5. Brakstreet: Men in the Band
  6. Feud
  7. Runaway
  8. The New Brak
  9. Pepper
  10. Dinner Party
  11. We Ski in Peace

Season 3

  1. Braklet, Prince of Spaceland
  2. The Vacuum Cleaner Coma Dilemma
  3. Shadows of Heat
  4. Splat of Deadliness
  5. Enter the Hump
  6. Sexy New Brak Show Go
  7. All That I Desire You
  8. Cardburkey
  9. Space Adventure (finale, webisode)

Home media releases

The first 14 episodes of The Brak Show were released on DVD on February 1, 2005, and the remaining episodes were released on August 8, 2006. The Brak Show is also available on iTunes.

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