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The Gary Coleman Show

The Gary Coleman Show

The Gary Coleman Show is a Saturday morning cartoon produced by Hanna-Barbera for NBC in 1982. It was based on Coleman's telefilm The Kid with the Broken Halo. Each half-hour episode aired on NBC had opening narration by Casey Kasem and consisted of two 11-minute stories. Casey's voice was not heard in the syndicated reruns, which could imply that Casey's voice was only added by NBC over the original network masters.


Coleman lent his likeness and voice to Andy LeBeau, an angel-in-training sent to Earth to help mortal children, and thereby earn his wings. While on Earth, Andy was required to keep his true identity secret from all mortals.

Andy was supervised by Angelica, a mature red-haired female angel who was neither seen nor heard by mortals. She refused to accept the existence of Hornswoggle, a well-dressed demon with purple skin, black hair and a goatee, as he tried to trick Andy into making bad choices or otherwise interfere with Andy's mission.

Voice cast


  1. Fouled-Up Fossils / Going, Going, Gone
  2. You Oughtta Be in Pictures / Derby Daze
  3. Hornswoggle's Hoax / Calamity Canine
  4. Cupid Andy / Space Odd-Essey
  5. Hornswoggle's New Leaf / Keep on Movin' On
  6. Mansion Madness / Wuthering Kites
  7. In the Swim / Put Up or Fix Up
  8. Haggle and Double Haggle / The Royal Visitor
  9. The Future Tense / Dr. Livingston, I Presume
  10. Haggle's Luck / Head in the Clouds
  11. Teacher's Pest / Andy Sings the Blues
  12. Easy Money / Take My Tonsils, Please
  13. The Prettiest Girl in Oakville / Mack's Snow Job
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