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The Great Gazoo is a character who appeared in the final season of The Flintstones. He was voiced by Harvey Korman.

About Gazoo

Gazoo resembles a tiny green man and wears a large helmet with antennae. Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, whom Gazoo calls "dum-dums", treat him as if he were a genie. Fred and Barney are unable to convince anyone else that Gazoo exists because, as Gazoo often says, "Only children and dum-dums can see me." Gazoo is the only character in the series to not be perpetually barefoot.


  • It is believed that Gazoo was added to the lineup of characters in the last season because ratings were in decline by that point, and the producers likely felt that adding a new major character was designed to reboost ratings and extend the series' life, but to no avail, as despite best efforts, the show was cancelled in 1966.
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