The Popeye And Olive Comedy Show 1981 CBS Cartoon Intro

The Popeye & Olive Comedy Show was produced by Hanna-Barbera for CBS in 1981. Besides reruns of Popeye shorts from previous seasons, this show featured two new segments:

  • Prehistoric Popeye: Popeye and the gang appear in a setting similar to The Flintstones.
  • Private Olive Oyl: Olive Oyl and Alice the Goon are soldiers on an Army base.

Voice cast

Prehistoric Popeye shorts

  1. So Who's Watching the Bird Watchers?
  2. Come Back, Little Stegosaurus
  3. Neanderthal Nuisance
  4. Reptile Ranch
  5. Bronto Beach
  6. Vegetable Stew
  7. The First Resort
  8. Up a Lizard River
  9. Chilly Con Caveman

Private Olive Oyl shorts

  1. Jeep Thrills
  2. Goon Hollywood
  3. Tanks a Lot
  4. Basic Training
  5. Wreck Room
  6. Alice in Blunderland
  7. Here Today, Goon Tomorrow
  8. Goon Balloon
  9. Goon Native
  10. Troop Therapy
  11. Snow Foolin'
  12. Infink-try
  13. Rocky Rolls
  14. Mission: Improbable

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