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The Space Kidettes is the backup segment of Young Samson. It involves a group of spacefaring children and their dog, who were pursued by the space pirate Captain Skyhook and his henchman, Static.

Captain Skyhook was continually seeking a treasure map that he supposed was in the children's possession. Whenever Static suggested torturing the children in some manner, the captain always reprimanded him by saying, "You can't do that! They're just itty-bitty kids!"


The show aired on NBC as a half-hour program from 10 September 1966 to 4 February 1967. It was sponsored by General Mills.

The episodes were later edited down to ten-minute episodes. They were paired with other cartoons sponsored by General Mills (though not produced by Hanna-Barbera), such as Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales and Go Go Gophers, in order to form a full half-hour for syndication. In the mid-1980s, USA Network's USA Cartoon Express aired episodes of Space Kidettes as part of the package.

Voice Cast


  1. Molemen Menace
  2. Jet Set Go
  3. Space Indians
  4. Swamp-Swamped
  5. Space Heroes
  6. Space Witch
  7. Tale of a Whale
  8. Space Giant
  9. Space Carnival
  10. The Laser-Breathing Space Dragon
  11. The Flight Before Christmas
  12. Beach Brawl
  13. Dog-napped in Space
  14. Secret Solar Robot
  15. King of the Space Pirates
  16. Planet of Greeps
  17. Cosmic Condors
  18. The Space Mermaid
  19. Haunted Planet
  20. Something Old, Something Gnu


  • The character Snoopy was most likely not inspired by the famous dog in the comic strip Peanuts.