The Super Globetrotters is Hanna-Barbera's follow-up series to The Harlem Globetrotters, produced for NBC in 1979.


In this iteration, the Globetrotters were superheroes with powers borrowed from the Impossibles. In every episode, the Globetrotters received instructions from a satellite called the Crime Globe, which happened to resemble a basketball, met a bizarre villain, and challenged him and his minions to a basketball game.

Voice cast


  1. Museum Man
  2. Bwana Bob
  3. The Facelift
  4. Whaleman
  5. Robo and the Globots
  6. Tattoo Man
  7. Movie Man
  8. The Phantom Cowboy
  9. The Time Lord
  10. Transylvania Terrors
  11. Bullmoose
  12. Merlo the Magician
  13. Attila the Hun

DVD release

On October 28, 2014, Warner Archive Collection released The Super Globetrotters: The Complete Series as a manufacture-on-demand DVD set.