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These Are the Days is an animated drama series produced by Hanna-Barbera for ABC in 1974. It told the story of the Day family, who lived in early 20th-century America. Inspired by the popularity of The Waltons, this animated drama centered on Martha Day, a widow trying to raise her three children: Kathy, Danny and Ben.

The Day family lived in the rural town of Elmsville along with Martha's father, Jeff, who owned the Day General Store, and several friends and neighbors. Although the show was critically acclaimed, it lasted only 16 episodes, spending its entire second season in reruns.

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  1. Sensible Ben
  2. The Fire Brigade
  3. Danny's Musical Dilemma
  4. Danny Runs Away
  5. Ben for President
  6. The Good Luck Charm
  7. Kathy's Job
  8. The Runaway Horse
  9. How Ben Was Cowed
  10. Grandpa and the Great Cyclic Harmonium Swindle
  11. The Visitor
  12. The Most Precious Gift of All
  13. The Spa
  14. Hello, Mrs. McGivern, Goodbye
  15. The Balloon
  16. The Feud
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