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Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch is a Saturday morning cartoon produced by Hanna-Barbera in 1974 for NBC.


The characters in the series are all anthropomorphic motor vehicles; each one's personality is a stereotypical representation of what each vehicle is or does. All of the vehicles could speak except for Wheelie himself, who communicated only in beeps and honks which the others can understand, and also through words that flashed on his windshield.

Every story of the three in each half-hour episode featured Wheelie having to deal with the local gang, a group of trouble-making motorcycles led by Chopper, who had nothing better to do with his time but to try and make life miserable for Wheelie. Chopper was jealous of Wheelie and wanted to get rid of him and steal his girlfriend Rota Ree, but all of Chopper's attempts to one-up Wheelie invariably failed.


  • Wheelie (voiced by Frank Welker) is a red racing/stunt car resembling a Volkswagen Beetle. Clean-cut and heroic with human-like capabilities, Wheelie often finds himself having to contend with the Chopper Bunch. Wheelie can only communicate in car horn 'beeps' and 'honks' that the other characters can understand, or in words and symbols that flash on his windshield, including "Charge!" accompanied by a bugle call and group shout whenever he is aroused or angered.
  • Rota Ree (voiced by Judy Strangis) is Wheelie's devoted girlfriend.

The Chopper Bunch

  • Chopper (Frank Welker), the leader of the Chopper Bunch who spends every waking moment devising a way to "get" Wheelie once and for all and to steal Rota Ree for himself.
    • Revs (Paul Winchell), who always talks in spoonerisms. (Winchell's performance was very similar to that of the original Scrubbing Bubbles TV commercials from 1973, and to his role as Tigger in Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too.)
    • Hi-Riser (Lennie Weinrib) who is unintelligent.
    • Scrambles (Don Messick), a minibike and the smallest and slowest member of the Bunch. He is also the one who constantly advises against most of the Bunch's schemes, but Chopper never listens to him until after the fact, at which point Scrambles endlessly shouts "I told ya! I told ya! I told ya!"
  • Captain Tuff (Paul Winchell), a hardened, no-nonsense police cruiser.
  • Deputy Fishtail (Don Messick), a police motorcycle and eager rookie obsessed with catching the Chopper Bunch, but whose attempts usually wind up ensnaring Captain Tuff instead.


  • "Get a Doctor" / "A Day at the Beach" / "Ghost Riders" (7 September 1974)
  • "Double Cross Country" / "The Infiltrator" / "The Stunt Show" (14 September 1974)
  • "Razzle Dazzle Paint Job" / "The Autolympics" / "The Delivery Service" (21 September 1974)
  • "The Big Bumper" / "Surprise Party" / "On the Town" (28 September 1974)
  • "Black Belt Fuji" / "Our Hero" / "Wheelie Goes Hawaiian" (5 October 1974)
  • "The Inspection" / "The Old Timer" / "The Copter Caper" (12 October 1974)
  • "Dr. Crankenstein" / "Bulldozer Buddy" / "Happy Birthday, Wheelie" (19 October 1974)
  • "Wheelie, the Super Star" / "Down on the Farm" / "Roadeo" (26 October 1974)
  • "Carfucious Says" / "Mighty Wheelie" / "Camping with a Go Go" (2 November 1974)
  • "Lenny Van Limousine" / "Snow Foolin" / "Wheelie in Paris" (9 November 1974)
  • "Dragster Net" / "Dragula" / "Boot Camp" (16 November 1974)
  • "Dr. Cykll and Mr. Ryde" / "Johnny Crash" / "Wheelie and the Smoke Eater" (23 November 1974)
  • "Friday the Thirteenth" / "Wings of Wheelie" / "Wheelie's Clean Sweep" (30 November 1974)