Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch is a Saturday morning cartoon produced by Hanna-Barbera in 1974 for NBC.


This series is unique in that all the characters are talking motor vehicles, except for Wheelie himself, a cheery Volkswagen that communicates by sounding his horn and displaying messages on his windshield. No humans are ever shown.

Each episode consisted of two stories. Typically, Wheelie would attempt some task and be pursued by the Chopper Bunch, a gang of talking motorcycles. Their plots against Wheelie never succeeded.

Voice cast


  1. Get a Doctor
  2. A Day at the Beach
  3. Ghost Riders
  4. Double Cross Country
  5. The Stunt Show
  6. Razzle Dazzle Paint Job
  7. The Autolympics
  8. The Delivery Service
  9. The Infiltrator
  10. The Big Bumper
  11. Surprise Party
  12. On the Town
  13. Black Belt Fuji
  14. Our Hero
  15. Wheelie Goes Hawaiian
  16. The Inspection
  17. The Old-Timer
  18. The Copter Caper
  19. Dr. Crankenstein
  20. Bulldozer Buddy