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Yakky Doodle is a little duck who had his own segment in The Yogi Bear Show. He was voiced by Jimmy Weldon using the same buccal speech technique used for the voice of Donald Duck.

Yakky Doodle appears in Jellystone! and is a girl. She is voiced by child actor Katie Grober. Yakky also speaks normally.

About Yakky

Yakky Doodle is an anthropomorphic yellow duckling with green wings who lives with his best friend Chopper the bulldog. Yakky is always one to run into danger when it is most expected. This usually comes in the form of Fibber Fox or Alfy Gator. Chopper defends his "Little Buddy" fiercely, and is always ready to pound Fibber or any other enemy into oblivion if necessary. Yakky's tendency to put himself in great danger never draws a rebuke from Chopper, who presumably enjoys his protective role. One of Yakky's repeated lines is "Are you my mama?", and one of the songs Yakky loved to sing was "Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay".



  1. Out of Luck Duck
  2. Hop, Duck and Listen
  3. Dog Flight
  4. Easter Duck
  5. Foxy Duck
  6. Railroaded Duck
  7. Duck Hunting
  8. Whistle-Stop and Go
  9. Duck the Music
  10. School Fool
  11. Oh Duckter
  12. It's a Duck's Life
  13. Happy Birthdaze
  14. Horse Collared
  15. Ha-Choo to You!
  16. Foxy Proxy
  17. Count to Tenant
  18. Shrunken Headache
  19. The Most Ghost
  20. Stamp Scamp
  21. All's Well That Eats Well
  22. Foxy Friends
  23. Mad Mix Up
  24. Beach Brawl
  25. Duck Seasoning
  26. Hasty Tasty
  27. Nobody Home Duck
  28. Dog Pounded
  29. Witch Duck-ter
  30. Full Course Meal
  31. Baddie Buddies
  32. Judo Ex-Expert