Young Robin Hood is a Sunday morning animated series produced jointly by Hanna-Barbera and Cinar. It ran for two seasons as part of The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera.


Deep in his Sherwood Forest hideout, 14-year-old Robin Hood is joined by a merry band of teenage allies as they rob the rich, give to the poor—and have a kingdom full of fun while they're at it!

Voice cast

  • Sonja Ball as Will Scarlet
  • Thor Bishopric as Robin Hood
  • Kathleen Fee as Mathilda
  • Jessalyn Gilsig as Gertrude of Griswald
  • A.J. Henderson as the Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Bronwen Mantel as Hagalah the Good Witch
  • Anik Matern as Maid Marian
  • Michael O'Reilly as Alan-a-Dale
  • Terrence Scammell as John Little aka Little John
  • Harry Standjofski as Brother Tuck


Season 1

  1. Wild Boar of Sherwood
  2. The Viking Treasure
  3. Duel of Thieves
  4. Hagalah's Day in Court
  5. The Black Bog of Sherwood
  6. The King of the Outlaws
  7. The Prince Who Was Late for Dinner
  8. Smuggler's Cove
  9. The Band Takes the Cake
  10. Good News, Bad News
  11. Fowl Play
  12. The Return of Jesse Strongbow
  13. The Knight's Armor

Season 2

  1. Sherwood Stakes
  2. You're Gonna Be a Star
  3. The Black Viper
  4. The Magic Carpet
  5. Just in Time
  6. Message from a Distant Land
  7. The Spanish Prince
  8. The Babe in the Woods
  9. The Underhills
  10. The Shrouded Man
  11. The Phantom Horse
  12. Merry No More
  13. For Love or Money


In late 1991, Hanna-Barbera Home Video released three of the episodes individually on VHS: "The Wild Boar of Sherwood", "The Viking Treasure", and "The King of the Outlaws". There are currently no plans for the complete series to be released on DVD.

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